We specialize in healthcare leader resilience, burnout and  engagement.

Did you know?

  • U.S. Physicians and nurses suffer more burnout than any other American worker sector
  • Physician burnout has increased from 40% in 2013 to 46% in 2015, a 6% increase in only 24 months
  • Physician burnout levels range by specialty; the highest levels are front-line providers such as critical care (53%) and emergency medicine (52%)
  • Severity of burnout is highest for urology (12%) and plastic surgery (12%) from those stating “I’m thinking of leaving medicine”
  • Suicidal ideation continues to be under-reported and higher among physicians and nurses than other professionals
  • Self medication and substance abuse continues to be under-reported and prevalent among physicians and nurses
  • The actual costs of physician and healthcare leader burnout are immeasurable.
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How many healthcare leaders do you know who are at risk of burnout?

Burnout can be defined as

  • Loss of enthusiasm for work
  • Feelings of cynicism
  • Low sense of personal accomplishment

Treatment and Care:

  • Most healthcare leaders CANNOT talk to their colleagues, managers or insurers.
  • Most healthcare leaders DO NOT want another healthcare leader to tell them of their experience.
  • You need confidential care, from expert behavioral consultants in well being and organizational leadership who GUARANTEE your satisfaction.
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All of our consultants have demonstrated expertise in assessing strengths, increasing flourishing and well-being, diagnosing and treating burnout, healthcare, organizational psychology and executive coaching. Many are PhDs and MDs. All of our consultants are focused on your confidential treatment and care.  We can provide any number of expert behavioral consultants, in any location in the U.S. and in 44 countries.

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The Action Learning Advantage:

  • Confidential – We are independent from any insurer or employer.
  • Guaranteed – Since 1997, we have a 100% results guarantee with hundreds of healthcare leaders and thousands of clients.
  • Local roots Based in Nashville, TN near 5,000 physicians.
  • Global scale – Our network can provide hundreds of vetted executive coaches throughout the world.

We are conducting research on the relationship of applied positive psychology and healthcare leader resilience at several large organizations.  That dissertation research has IRB approval from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Contact us for details about research at your organization.