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Extreme Productivity Content


Leaders are extremely productive.  Leaders maximize their energy in 5 ways.  You can do so too.  Now I can share some of these proven best practices with you.


All leaders need to manage time and money.  Right?   Wrong.  Managers do that.  Managers, by definition, “maximize the productivity of themselves and others.”
Leaders, by definition, “rally others behind a vision of a better future.”
Leaders are extremely productive.  Leaders maximize their energy in 5 ways.  You can do so too.
Since 1997, I have consulted and coached 1,000+ leaders, spoken at countless professional associations, published 15+ articles in professional journals, provided organizational and individual assessments, developed training materials for coaching programs, designed team building programs using a customized app, delivered action learning programs using SharePoint and cross functional teams, provided Continuing Education Units (CEUS), and videography to capture best practices of leaders.
Now I can share some of these proven best practices with you.
This digital content is a perfect first step.  You can purchase this product for yourself.  Or use it as a training program.

  • Video Workbook (Vook):  This cutting-edge workbook includes 8 professionally filmed video segments from  leaders at project sites or in their offices, explaining best practices in leadership development.  The text explains trends in leadership coaching that are relevant for any industry.  Immediate download available.  A $97 value.
  • Extreme Productivity Workbook:   This 26-page workbook is packed with 5 revolutionary approaches and hundreds of proven tactics to help you or your team be extremely productive.  I know what works.  Many of my coaching clients use this workbook as a backbone of their professional development.  I have taught leaders to apply these tactics since 1997.  You can learn them too.  At least a $29 value.
  • Articles:  I have written these 15+ articles for Financial Advisor magazine, Horsesmouth OnlineProfessional Safety.  The topics range from sales to technology to consulting best practices in research and business.  These articles  are relevant for leaders in any business in any industry.  Upon request, I frequently share these articles with coaching clients and prospects.  Now you can share these articles.  At least a $29 value.
  • Leadership Consulting App:   Many workers have mobile devices.  Most millenial workers have a BYOD policy, which stands for “Bring Your Own Device.”  That policy is changing.  As mobile training evolves, apps are being used to provide customized training.  I have developed 6+ apps for clients in multiple businesses.  You are overdue.  This leadership consulting app can be customized to your employees.  Or your content.  It can guarantee engagement.  It can be linked to a leader board for your reward programs.  Or your incentive programs.  Call me for details.  Buy this content and share the leadership consulting app with your colleagues now.
  • A 10% discount on individual or team coaching or consulting services.  To be redeemed at any time.  Simply call and ask for the Extreme Productivity referral discount.   A $400 value on 6 months of individual coaching services.
  • All downloads are immediately available.  Why wait any longer?

The Suggested Retail Value of this Extreme Productivity Content  is at least $250.
Your investment is NOT $250.
Your investment is NOT 80% of that, or $200.
Your investment is NOT 60% of that, or  $150.
Your investment is less than 50% of that Suggested Retail Value, or $122.
30-day no questions asked guarantee.  Since 1997, that is the ONLY way I have done business.  Check out the testimonials.  Or call if you have any doubts.  I want YOU to choose to be a more productive leader. Today.
Since 2009, I have used this Extreme Productivity Content as the first steps when training or coaching others.
Now you can use them to develop your self.  Or your team.
All your best!

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