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Corporate Coaching ROI

Whether public or privately held, most buying agents (managers and leaders) ask about Return on Investment (ROI). You need to. Some coaches duck the question by stating that coaching is a “soft skill” that cannot be measured. We disagree.  ROI can be measured and must be measured.


Every client uses metrics to define their success. Typically these metrics are connected to key practices for that group. Here are two examples.


Exactly what is the coaching process?

Coaching is a process of 1) awareness, 2) action, and 3) accountability.
There is nothing scary or magical. It can be the highlight of your week.

When starting any coaching engagement we use assessments and an intake
conversation to help you develop awareness of your strengths. Awareness leads to action.

Do you need a coach?

Financial professionals, like most people, need a coach at times.  They are usually working by themselves, or in small teams.  Their success is a direct result of how often they call on clients and prospects.  The very best provide tremendous customer service.  And they all need to stay optimistic, upbeat, and focused on others.   This article in Investment Advisor magazine, November 2008, features Doug Gray, PCC, and mentions the value of business coaching.