After 7 years of working on various leadership training programs, I know that Doug works from deep experience and reflection and lives what he teaches. He will provide value to any client he works with, whether individual or corporate, through his sensitive yet focused approach on the clients' goals.


Craig Imler
Regional Marketing Director Hurricane Island Outward Bound Professional, Baltimore, MD
I have attended a lot of seminars and listened to countless speakers. Yours was the best I have heard at this series. Thank you. I feel inspired!

Karen Anderson
Advisor, Merrill Lynch, Charlotte, NC
The business results of my business coaching with Doug have been incredible in the past 14 months. I have better systems, more clients, and my revenue has increased more than 300%.  I strongly recommend his services.


Pat Heidrich
Sales Coach, Sandler Sales Coach, Cornelius, NC
In the past 8 months of coaching with Doug Gray, my productivity has increased about 40%. I have been pushed to think about useful perspectives, different viewpoints, and other work systems that help make me more proactive. He has been a great advocate!


Gabe Weiss
Founding Partner, Salar, Inc, Baltimore, MD
I have worked with Doug in the Leadership Development Institute program at the University of Maryland for 7 years.  I know that he is committed to offering high-quality training. He is very good at using exercises to pull out needed learning from participants. He is flexible in his designs, so as to achieve the optimal results for his participants.  I urge you to contact him soon!

George Takacs
Consultant, Author of
Doug is a great leadership coach who is able to take day to day manager/supervisor concerns and translate them into leadership learning opportunities. His ability to help me see the simple message in what seemed like a complex issue was of tremendous value in helping me grow as a leader. I recommend Doug to anyone needing an independent and calming view of management tactics in high pressure situations. And for years now I have relied on Doug's communication wheel, a tool that every manager should have in their back pocket.

Lenny Parnelli
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, CB&I Power, Charlotte, NC
Doug is a conscientious, thoughtful, and reliable coach and people development consultant. He makes his clients and colleagues a priority and is always focused on ensuring he is bringing value. It has been my pleasure to get to know and spend time with Doug.

Adam Ortiz, Psy.D.
President, Executive Development Consulting, Cornelius, NC
Doug is great at understanding the individual and working with them to advance their careers based on their individual personalities and aspirations. This obviously impacts the individual, but also promotes effective communication and improvements at the company where they work. Doug is also effective at the team level as well.

Eric Wheatley
Accounting General Manager, Power Plant Management Services, LLC, Charlotte, NC
I've had the great pleasure of working with Doug on a number of occassions in leadership development and problem solving environments. Doug is outstanding at bringing leadership philosophies and techiniques to real world problems. Doug's coaching style provides his clients the confidence to tackle the most challenging leadership issues and achieve immediate results. I am grateful for his guidance and mentoring.

Seth Rudolph
Controller, Power at CB&I, Charlotte, NC
Doug and I are acquaintances from years back. Doug provided guidance on marketing and prioritizing business start-up activities when I first started my firm. Since then, he and I have collaborated on business issues and I have benefited greatly from his knowledge and insight. I highly recommend Doug for improving efficiency, goal setting and accountability, and business management development within the workplace.

Chuck Maness
President, Maness P.C. Certified Public Accountant, Huntersville, NC