Doug is the consummate professional. He brings the best of technical, interpersonal, and business savvy to every person and project he works with. He is a talented facilitator, coach, author, and trainer and has the experience and intellect to bring creative solutions into reality. I recommend him without reservation and have the highest level of confidence in his work.

Frank Joseph
President, Center Point Leadership, Cornelius, NC
Doug Gray was introduced to me a year ago as my leadership coach when I started a new job. You have probably heard the phrase “Perception is Reality.” Doug has walked with me thru a process where I have come to know that my perception is my reality but not necessarily everyone’s reality. He led me to an awareness that I need to try to understand what others may be dealing with in order to understand their actions, motives and behaviors. Doug encouraged me numerous times to define my next course of action when dealing with specific challenges at work. He coached me to be accountable for following thru on my defined actions and obligations.

My biggest challenge over the past year was accepting the fact that I am not as open-minded or forward thinking as I like to believe. I saw my inflexibility and standing firm on certain ideals as strength. Doug has shown me that I can be more flexible with colleagues and associates and develop better solutions with a lot less strife without sacrificing my values or beliefs.  Doug has been much more than a coach to me. My time with him has been invaluable to me. I consider him a valued teacher, sounding board and friend.

Dennis Earman
HSE Manager, CB&I Power, Augusta, GA

Doug is fantastic and I'd recommend Doug to anyone exploring options on advancing their career or considering changes to their career. He creates thought provoking dialogue and he provides techniques and tools that translate to new skills for communication, leadership and business ownership. I thoroughly have enjoyed my time with Doug and will turn to him again for the next phase of building my career and business.

Dana Brigman
Founder, K9 Coach Photography, Charlotte, NC
Doug has to unique ability to be a tough taskmaster when it comes to achieving your goals while being someone you can bond with and trust. His talent is to ask the right question at the right time, harpooning an empty idea. You will not be allowed to get away with much! I would recommend him to be your coach...and your friend. You can't go wrong either way.

Chip Scholz
Executive Coach, Scholz & Associates, Charlotte, NC
In 2008 I asked Doug if he could help me get my Financial Services career back on track. We put together an action plan and I was held accountable for the goals he and I set. He obviously knew my business and helped me set goals that were obtainable and increased productivity . I would highly recommend Doug and Action Learning to most any business owner, sales manager or sales personnel.

John Anderson
Owner, Anco Planning, Cornelius, NC
Doug is a dynamic individual with contagious enthusiasm. His ideas are not only good, but they are also bold and thought-provoking.

Bradley Smith
Attorney at Campbell & Associates, Charlotte, NC
Doug is an extremely capable professional coach. His observations are insightful and his recommendations are practical and effective. I have to credit Doug with helping me to successfully transition into a new, more challenging role within The Shaw Group (now CB&I.) I would definitely recommend Doug to others that are looking to push their performance to the next level.

David Gray
Controller, Financial Reporting, CB&I Power, Charlotte, NC
When working with Doug, he absolutely knows how to get to the heart of the matter. He's incredibly experienced, a great listener, tremendously competent, and someone who can take you to new heights.

Paul Solitario
Partner, Cerium Partners, Charlotte, NC
Doug represents the type of executive coach that an organization undergoing tremendous change management challenges needs to have on board from day one. He knows how to work magic with diverse individuals and teams who may understand the common mission, but have different interests. He knows how to draw them towards collaborating where teamwork is vital to success of the enterprise vs. competing where mission success normally suffers at the expense of individual self-interests. He was critical in helping me frame a project charter and mission statement for improving strategic business performance designed in leading excellence in new build nuclear. Skilled and articulate in dealing with executives, Doug is the type of coach I would want on my team in leading any progressive enterprise.

Jeff Jay
Manager, Human Performance Integration, CB&I Power, Augusta, GA
My experience with Doug in a business coaching capacity was one of the defining success stories of my career. Our work together vaulted my business to the next level, gave me greater confidence in my abilities, and provided me with productivity skills that I still employ almost every day. I whole heartedly recommend Doug's services.

Matt Keeling
Partner, Keeling Financial Strategies, MA