I had the opportunity to work with Doug as a business coach along with several of my colleagues for approximately 2 years. Initially we meet bi-weekly and then monthly. I found Doug to be very helpful in analyzing various situations with our team. His insights were refreshing, insightful and provided food for thought. I would characterize Doug as a tremendous ‘student of communication.' He is well read and often includes information from literature he has just read into the discussion. I recommend Doug as an executive / personal coach.

Bill Blalock
Director, HSE Training and Development, CB&I - Power Group, Baton Rouge, LA
I have worked with Doug over the last 5 years, with 3 different companies.  He has helped me personally in my career development as well as organizational change strategy and initiatives within my organization. I highly recommend Doug to any organization or executive wanting to effectively manage people challenges.

Eric Kees
Human Resources Director, Carolina Handling, Charlotte, NC
Doug is a powerful coach. He gets you to understand what's important to your success and the success of your organization. Doug holds you accountable in a way that gets you to move to action so as to be more successful than you've imagined you would be. I highly recommend Doug Gray.

Harvey Smith
Business & Executive Coach, Charlotte, NC
Doug possesses uncommon energy, innovation and drive. He brings his deeply rooted imagination and innovation to every situation as well as his charismatic personality and cheerful demeanor. I have greatly appreciated being able to work with Doug in the past and look forward to future endeavors together.

Ric Morton
Attorney, Owner, Womble Carlyle, Charlotte, NC
Working with Doug was fantastic. He was able to help me explore my full potential and look at challenges in a different light.

Nathan Hookman
Finance Manager, Power Plant Management Services, Charlotte, NC
Doug performed oversight and guidance to our site senior management at Plant Vogtle, near Augusta, GA.  I worked with him in developing a strategy plan for our company. Doug served as an oversight and organizer for the strategy team. He is very professional and very methodic in his approach. He played a big part in keeping us on track and our details at a constant level. I would gladly work with Doug again and highly recommend him to others that need an independent oversight and guidance.

Randy Whetsel
Projects Director, PCL Construction
Doug is a excellent coach and consultant. If you are looking to take your business and life to the next level, Doug would be a good choice to assist you. He helped me dig in and set my course!

Dave Ferguson
Business Coach, Statesville, NC
Doug brings the best out of you. Doug delivered honest and sincere advice, worked to help me strengthen my practice, and improved my overall success. Doug's process with me went well beyond my expectations.  I urge you to contact him soon.

James Allison
Financial Services Representative at Wall Street Capitol, Charlotte, NC
Doug is a great motivator and accountability coach. He leads by example and excels in just about everything he undertakes. He always embraces the next challenge and truly appreciates all of the options life presents. I look forward to continuing to work with Doug in the future.

Josh Brant
Founder, Allegiance Merchant Services, Charlotte, NC
Doug will always stand out in my mind. He was assertive, respectful, smart and most of all was one of the best listeners I have met. He had a way of energizing and engaging the people around him. He always acted selflessly and was committed to improving leaders around him. I think his focus on inspiring people to always do the right thing every time was incredible. I am hoping our paths cross again so we can collaborate together. Doug has a smile that will warm the whole office.

Karyn Pierce
VP, Human Resources, Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC