Most leader development programs do not maximize your strengths.

We customize individual and organizational solutions that guarantee your results.

Since 1997, we typically provide at least a 100% ROI.

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As experts in positive psychology, we expect you to flourish.

Executive Coaching

What is the value of consultative behavior coaching for your top leaders and organization?

Small Business Coaching

How do small business leaders make more money, increase productivity and focus on measurable results?




Diagnostic assessments are essential for individual and behavioral change to occur. The purpose of assessments is to define your strengths, weaknesses, areas for development, and make recommendations. We use assessments to diagnose needs and determine where to invest our time or energy.

Individual Consulting

We help business leaders become more effective leaders. Individual behavioral consulting starts with assessments, key metrics, self-awareness and self-care. Our underlying assumption is that leaders can learn, and that behavior can be changed. We guarantee that you will become a smarter leader.


We specialize in physician burnout and physician engagement. Physicians suffer more burnout than any other professionals. We guarantee confidentiality and results. We can provide any number of expert behavioral consultants, in any location in the U.S. and in 44 countries.

Organizational Coaching

We help business leaders develop and retain good people, and sell more to existing customers and new customers. We have expertise in talent management, especially learning and development, leadership development, performance management and succession planning. Call Doug Gray, PCC, today at 615.905.1892. We guarantee your results.


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