Most leadership development programs waste time and money.
All businesses are either growing or dying… Are you growing?
We guarantee growth for 1) your business, 2) your self 3) your team.

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Corporate Coaching Charlotte NCWe help business leaders 1) develop and retain good people, and 2) sell more to existing customers and new customers.

Life Coaching Charlotte NCLeadership development starts with 1) self- awareness and self-care, then moves to 2) social awareness and social management. We guarantee that you can become a smarter later, now.

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Doug’s calm guidance and firm hand enabled me to keep on track during a particularly transitional time. He has all the attributes I would look for in a coach. He has done his own work, he takes care of his physical, mental, emotional, and relational health, and he is not intimidated or in awe of his coaching clients. He can stand toe-to-toe with the best, and as a result I have recommended him to others.

Robert Caldwell
Principal Family Firm Resources, Charlotte, NC