Doug provided career and business coaching for me during a time when I needed to triage a number of competing challenges in my life. He gently but firmly insisted on my confronting issues head on, and he introduced organizational and communication strategies which helped me complete a large project at work, and to make progress in personal development. Doug is a pro.

John Zika
LSTA Grant Contractor, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library/Urban Ministry Center, Huntersville, NC
Doug was able to provide actionable ideas that were tailored to the needs of me and my staff.  Through the implementation of his ideas we were able to increase our results and deepen the relationships we have have with our clients.

Gerald Craig
Managing Partner, Carolina Planning Consultants, LLP, Concord, NC
Doug Gray came into my career as a business coach. In the beginning I was not convinced of the value but it did not take long to realize the huge value associated with Mr Gray. He took me outside of my comfort zone which helped my versatility. He helped make sense of a crazy business world and educated me on how to be a consistent thinker and doer. I would recommend Mr. Doug Gray to any friend or colleague who wants to open their mind and put to use their experience while getting out of your comfort zone. Thanks Doug for all of your experience and friendship.

Joseph Hoyt
Regional Safety Manager, Day & Zimmermann, VA
Having not really seen the benefit in career coaching from my previous two experiences I didn't hold out much hope for change when my boss hired a new coach... that was until I started to work with Doug.

Doug's approach allowed a cynic (that would be me) to open up a whole new world of opportunities through support, encouragement, guidance and enlightenment.   Doug's sessions were extremely relevant, timely, goal oriented and enjoyable. Some of the techniques introduced by Doug have not only been of great use in my prfessional career but have assisted me outside of my working life when needing to evaluate options.  Doug helped me to far exceed my expectations in my working life for my employer.  Ultimately, Doug helped to equip me to be able to be well positioned and to take advantage of "life changing opportunities" resulting in me securing my dream position for a global market leader. I would not hesitate in recomending Doug Gray highly and will certainly be seeking to use his professional services in my new career for both me and my team.

Karl Fenwick
EHS Director, Steam Business, Thermal Power, Alstom Power, Switzerland

Doug is a highly impactful coach. He brings together a versatile toolkit, focus and clarity. Working with Doug for several years, I have witnessed firsthand his adventurous spirit and passion and energy for action. Doug is the coach you need when you hope to create movement and deliver results.

Aviv Shahar
Owner, Aviv Consulting, WA
Doug is a thoughtful, high-energy and committed colleague who cares most about what's best for his client, as an individual, as well as what's best for his client organization, overall. He's extremely innovative in his development of products and his entrepreneurial motor runs extremely high. I'm sure he will continue to add value for client companies large and small.

John Bradberry
President, Venture Growth and Leadership Development, Charlotte, NC
Doug brings his compassionate action to his leadership and executive coaching practice. Having known Doug as a colleague for a number of years, I appreciate his innate ability to be a catalyst for positive change within individuals and within organizations.

Sonja Kassis Stetzler
Business and Communications Coach, Charlotte, NC
Doug spent a year improving the dynamics of our administrative team. He stimulated us to think in creative ways about how to be more dynamic leaders. Doug was fun-loving and quick to inspire. His vision and positive coaching partnership was largely responsible for huge improvements in our organization. To this day, I continue to reflect on the challenges Doug helped us face and overcome. I continue to feel indebted to him for all of his energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

Tom Booker
Dean of Students, Cannon School, Concord, NC
Doug approaches coaching clients holistically. The difference is apparent from the beginning, as his enquiries and advice strive to leverage strengths while concurrently working to close skill and performance gaps. Initial assessments and his careful preparation help achieve rapid results, while avoiding superficial or incomplete solutions.

Edward Wick
Senior Training Manager, CB&I Power, Augusta, GA
Doug is engaging and searches for truth in deeds and thoughts. I found him to be an asset in the pursuits with which he was assisting our group. I would call him in for consultation again.

Jack Lafoon
Readiness Review Manager, CB&I Power, Augusta, GA