I met Doug years ago in a coaching group I participated in. I was honored to be coached by Doug and have enjoyed collaborating with him on coaching topics. Doug has a passion for excellence and is a trustworthy confidant. I have appreciated many insights and resources Doug selflessly shares, especially his expertise on Emotional Intelligence. Doug is a caring, credible and talented coach. I would recommend him for his coaching services any day.

Christy Geiger
Executive Business Coach
Doug and I worked together in the planning and execution of an Adventure Race Series at the US National Whitewater Center. Doug is a World-Class adventure racer who wanted to share his passion of the sport with others while raising money for the American Diabetes Association. Doug demonstrated a keen understanding of what it takes to get the best out of people and I saw it reflected in everyone involved with this race series. He has directly helped me become a more effective business leader and I would recommend Doug for a multitude of positions where he can demonstrate his expertise in motivating others to achieve their full potential.

Troy Rutten
Senior Marketing Manager, Retail Sports Marketing, Charlotte, NC
Doug was one of the members, along with me, of a five-person partnership that formed in the early 2000 time period (Intelligent Development, LLC). The partnership dissolved naturally after five years as our personal businesses and family moves pulled us in different directions. But during the partnership, I had the pleasure of learning with Doug as we developed a substantial amount of intellectual capital and took it to market. What Doug brought to our group was a depth of experiential expertise, a creative mind, substantial writing skills, great listening skills, focused energy, a good heart and light-hearted humor, and a penchant for pushing us to action with accountability -- all of which we highly valued. When we conducted trainings together, Doug was a wonderful collaborator -- being flexible, focused, present, and always ready with in-the-moment insights that proved helpful to the client's development. One of the things I came to appreciate most about Doug is his integrity as a business person and human being. I think it is largely from that way of being and living that he connects deeply with people (and clients) and quickly gives reason to give your trust to him. He delivers on his promises with more than was requested before it is due. If he wasn't living several states away, I'd be partnering with him still. Doug taps into people's natural desire for learning in ways that feel like an adventure -- getting your whole self and whole group involved. He is not a "sit in your seat for a few hours or few days" kind of professional. He knows the best applications of adult experiential education and leaves his workshop participants with a holistic learning experience that combines heart, mind, body, and spirit. Doug has my highest recommendation as a coach and trainer.

Lloyd Raines
Principal, Integral Focus, Washington, DC
Husband and wife business owners present many challenges. Doug has guided my wife and I through these challenges such as: business planning, employee management, and how to communicate with each other. Doug has been a valuable resource and coach.  He is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and consistent with integrity. We will continue to refer Doug to other husband and wife business owners. Thank you Doug from both Laurie and myself!

Kevin Mikeworth
Owner, Mikeworth Financial, Cornelius, NC
Doug helped me uncover a couple of my blind spots at a time when I felt stuck professionally but didn't know why. He used his naturally keen insight along with his formal training and experience as a personal coach to help me gain clarity and get into action - sooner rather than later.

John Morlan
Executive Coach
I have engaged Doug in the past as a business coach and found him and his work not just helpful in producing results, but also very meaningful and creative. Doug brought a great sense of mission, passion, and clarity to his work with me. With his coaching, I was able to get clear on what I wanted to achieve at the time, and actually do it.  Maybe it's because of his background as an adventure racer, he brought skills, ideas, and a style that I found very energizing and refreshing. I would recommend him as a coach to anyone looking for personal and professional growth as a business person.

Dan Schiffman
Field Director/Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, MD
In my 12 year professional sales career, Doug has been one of the brightest, most dedicated and enjoyable colleague I have encountered. He is very good at what he does; but he also makes everyone around him better.

Brian Morris
District Manager, Paylocity, Charlotte, NC
Doug is passionate about his pursuits both in business and personal. Doug has extensive experience as an Outward Bound corporate team leader, small business owner, teacher and member of an adventure race team. These experiences qualify Doug to facilitate and motivate teams and individuals. If you need to motivate staff, increase personal performance in the office or on the mountain, call Doug.

Mark Hardie
Owner, Upward Enterprises, MD
I first worked an Outward Bound Professional program with Doug in 2004.  I was impressed with his energy, the applicability of curriculum he chose and his passion for life. I continued working programs with Doug through OBP and as a contractor for him with Action Learning Associates, and can say that I learned things from Doug each time!

Elizabeth Herron
Executive VP of PEAC Student Loan Assistance and Solutions Architect for CARS, Washington, DC
Doug and I have been friends and colleagues for years. He has always been available and eager to help when I needed advice or direction. He has been an asset and a resource both personally and professionally.

Dave Bazell, PhD
Senior Professional Researcher, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Columbia, MD