Doug's book, Passionate Action: 5 Steps to Creating Extraordinary Success in Life and Work, got my mind racing to figure out what is next in my path of life.   He is a creative individual with a great heart.

Shelly Fox
Training and Documentation Manager, CACI, Legal Services Consultant, Washington, DC
Doug has got me excited about my business again. He's helped me create new systems to streamline operations, held me accountable for the things I say that I'll do, and is a strong advocate for the work I'm doing. I highly recommend Doug as a business coach to help you take action.

Kevin Decker
Relationships Coach and Consultant, Huntersville, NC
I had the pleasure of both racing on an adventure racing team with Doug as well as having Doug coach me through a career directional change. In both very different instances, Doug's true character of integrity, thoughtfulness, and insightfulness came to the fore. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone looking for guidance on their life-path.

Marie Winget
AVP, Compensation & Benefits, CarMax, NC
I hired Doug when he was an action learning coach in a dark time of my life. He helped me 'see the light'.... in light of my 'limited vision'..... He is a true inspiration and a friend. I would recommend his one to one coaching to anyone wanting to soar with the eagles.

Ed Gash
Regional Trainer for Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Development, North Carolina Community Colleges, Charlotte, NC